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Resources for The New Internet: Web 3

Including the Decentralized Web (dWeb)

What is Web 3 and the dWeb?

Web 3 (also called Web3 & Web 3.0) is the next stage in the evolution of the internet.


The internet as we know it (web 2) is a centralized system, where websites and applications run from servers - a central point of both control and potential failure.


Web 3 is mostly decentralized. The decentralized web (dWeb) runs applications and sites across a network of connected computers, ensuring that there is no single place of vulnerability, and that no one entity is able to control everything - including your data.​ By distributing data and using encryption, everything on the decentralized Internet is secure. In addition, the use of open source technology means that transparency is assured.

Where does Web 2 end and Web 3 begin? In short, blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and the decentralisation of the web are the beginnings of the next iteration of the internet.  Some components of Web 3 are being used right now (check out our dWeb Directory), many have just started being developed, and many new and exciting uses have not even been thought of yet! 


This website is dedicated to providing information about everything Web 3. Stay and grow with us at dWeb Guide - the future is here, the future is decentralized.

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Decentralised Web

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This is Massive for Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

This is Massive for Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

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