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dWeb Guide provides a Validator Node for Chain (CRO)

Support dWeb Guide and our Mission by delegating your CRO to our Validator Node "5% Fee Forever"

Node Commission
Current: 5%
Future: 5%
Always: 5%

The people have spoken. We value your feedback and are keeping our commission at 5% permanently (the lowest possible). This commission helps pay for developing the content on dWeb Guide website and contributing to web3 education and information.

Get notified when there is a node update by providing your email address here. We will also place notifications in our social media.

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dWeb Guide is an established team and we are here to stay


Simple to start and easy to stake and unstake.

You will be supporting dWeb Guide to develop the Decentralized Web


Permanent fixed commission of 5% forever! 

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Our node cluster is managed by reputable industry leader Allnodes

We offer free, automatic re-staking of your CRO

Why choose our node to stake your CRO?

What do you think of our Validator Node?

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