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Hw do I access the decentralized web?

How to access the dWeb

STEP 1: Choose a browser

You can't just use any browser.


Opera Browser Icon.png

Opera Browser

All platforms, seamlessly integrated. This is for mobile browsing too and works for iOS and Android.



Any Browser using Code

Open your favourite browser 

and change SECURE DNS to this custom code:

STEP 2: Find dWebsites

Do you know where to go? Let us help.


Pencil and notepad

Curated Lists

Check back soon...we are working on this great new product


Access the dweb

dWeb Guide Directory

Search our dWeb Directory of live decentralized websites 

STEP 3: Tell a friend

Do you like what you see? Do you believe in a censorship free world?

Help support the dWebGuide - a free resource - by spreading the word.

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