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Binance Referral Code


Referral ID: J18763NN
20% Kickback (Best)
Additional $100 Bonus:
Details Here

binance referral bonus

The world's leading cryptocurrency exchange

There is no such thing as a 90% Kickback Referral ID. The highest Binance will pay out is 40%. Of that 40%, the highest Commission Kickback Rate that can go to the person using the Referral ID is 20% (The other 20% goes to the person giving out the Referral ID).
To be clear, if you are looking for a Binance Referral ID to use for signing up for the Binance Exchange, the highest Commission Kickback Rate that exists for you, the invitee, is 20%. Regardless of what the internet scammers try to tell you. 

Special Offer: In addition to the 20% Kickback forever, Binance is offering dWeb Guide Enthusiasts the chance to get a $100 Bonus! Find details and sign-up here.



To person using the code


paid out by Binance



To person supplying the code

* We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Binance, or any of its projects. The official binance website can be found at

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